Deluxe room features contemporary Rajasthani style decor and is ideal for busine

Cancellation Policy

Average per night 6,999

Super Deluxe

Overlooking the Jaisalmer fort, the Super Deluxe room offers the guest to enjoy

Cancellation Policy

Average per night 9,899

Executive Suite

Executive Suites are decorated like those of rajasthani royalty, these are simil

Cancellation Policy

Average per night 12,999
Last 2 Rooms left

Deluxe suite

Deluxe suite lets everyone gets together or if you like to laze around in your r

Cancellation Policy

Golden Suite

Feautring Imperial Rajasthani architechture, Golden Suites are reminiscent of th

Cancellation Policy

Average per night 15,000
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Sheesh Mahal

"Sheesh Mahal" or Mirror Palace is stands by its name. The room has walls made o

Cancellation Policy

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